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In 2017, one of our partners asked a friend to come down to his place to discuss an idea that has been burning a hole in his mind for a while. The idea of starting a business in the town of Rama that would take advantage of recipes and knowledge passed down from generations, while using some of the crops in which we grow, was certainly enticing. He had a vision of having local partners and selling a product to people from across the province. After several meetings with the four partners, it was determined that this opportunity was to lucrative to pass up and in early 2017 a new distillery would start being planned.

It took many months of planning between the partners before any true action was taken. Building, equipment, recipes, design, and local opinion were all carefully considered before starting the application process. As such, it took until the spring of 2018 when a building was finally purchased. After the purchase of the building renovations took place with construction being placed on hold during the months of April through June and August – November (as all partners farm.)



Located only 8 kilometres from the village of Rama, the Dobrowody area is a place where only a couple old churches stand, and the locals have an annual potluck fall supper to raise money to upkeep the over 100-year-old churches. Dobrowody is known for its hard-working farmers and great whitetail hunting. But most notably, the Dobrowody area is best known for the men and women whom settled the land and would celebrate at the end of a long season to drink their own home-made spirits. To this day, people from across the prairie whom have family in this area reminisce about their grandfathers and great grandfathers making and sharing what they would call Dobrowody brew.

The name Dobrowody comes from the name of a small village in Ukraine called Dobrovody. As many of the settlers in the area moved to Canada in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, they decided no name would suite this area better.

The name Dobrovody loosely
translates to “good water”

which is fitting for a business such as this.

Therefore, as the partners of this business farm in the Dobrowody area and have generational connections to this area, this was the reason for choosing the name.


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Dobrowody Tyler


After growing up on a farm only a half km north of Rama, Tyler attended the University of Saskatchewan where he graduated with a degree in business. Worked in commercial banking as an account manager and later in the private industry as a financial controller in the oil and gas services sector while completing his Chartered Management Accountancy designation. In 2016, Tyler took the leap to move closer to home and farm with his siblings and parents. Tyler spends his free time golfing and fishing when he is not with his wife Christen and their cat, Louis.


Grew up on a farm in the Rama area, Evan fell in love with the farming way of life. He continues to farm today with his brother Chad and his parents. Evan has four kids and a fiancé Sky and is getting married in the fall of 2022. Evan has had a passion for making home brews for many years as he learnt from his family at a young age how to make the spirit and perfect it.

Dobrowody Evan
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